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What to Expect

Patients often arrive at Three Sisters Chiropractic early for their appointments to enjoy our quiet, peaceful space. We welcome you to have a seat in our massage chair and relax before Dr. Gough sees you.

The First Visit

We’ll have you fill out some paperwork right away. These forms can also be found here and brought in with you completed. Then you’ll see Dr. Gough for your examination. During the examination, we’ll perform different tests to determine the cause of your problem and the best methods for treatment.

You may receive chiropractic care alone or with therapies. If X-rays are needed, we’ll send you to a nearby radiology center to have them taken. Whenever possible, your first adjustment will be done right away on your initial visit.

This visit takes about 40 minutes.

The Second Visit

Dr. Gough will go over your examination findings and present your treatment plan to you. You’ll decide if you’re ready to start your plan. Next, we’ll discuss what you want out of treatment and what you can expect with each visit. Dr. Gough will then give you your second adjustment.

Regular Visits

On each subsequent visit, Dr. Gough will do a brief head-to-toe assessment to see how you’re progressing. You’ll receive your adjustment and any needed therapies. Therapies may also be added to your treatment plan after a couple weeks of chiropractic to see how you’re responding.

Dr. Gough will discuss different health topics with you on each visit to share her knowledge about stress, your nervous system and healing. You’re always welcome to ask any questions you have. Dr. Gough will be sure to provide you with all necessary information to put you at ease.

Receiving Your Adjustments

An adjustment is a new feeling for your body. Often, joints have been out of the proper position for a long time, and we’re trying to move them back to where they should be. Some discomfort may result from these corrections, and we want to assure you that’s perfectly normal. You’ll be on your way to feeling your best in no time!

Do you have any questions about our gentle, healing care? Give us a call today!
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