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Nutrition and Weight Management in Sisters

Paring the Pounds, Painlessly

{PJ} Nutrition and Weight ManagementAre you looking for a complete body overhaul, need to lose those last 10 pounds or are just looking to reach your ideal weight and energy levels? A customized First Line Therapy nutrition program can help you reach your goals and maintain them for the long term. We’ll help you create a personalized, easy-to-follow plan that lasts 12 weeks.

Determining Your Plan

Dr. Gough is certified in First Line Therapy, a medical nutrition program designed for individuals who need to lose weight and for those who exhibit health problems due to excess weight. This program utilizes the testing of body composition (fat vs. lean mass, intracellular water and extracellular water content, waist-hip ratios, blood tests, saliva tests, urine tests and stool tests). The results of these tests determine your customized weight loss program.

Learning Healthy Habits

This isn’t a meal replacement program. Instead, we’ll teach you how to grocery shop for the foods your body needs. You’ll visit us once per week to go over your food intake. As you continue following your plan, you’ll learn healthy eating habits and how to avoid old patterns. You’ll be freed from diabetes and reduce your risk of heart disease by giving your body what it needs to function optimally.


From weight management plans to body composition analysis to supplementation, Dr. Gough can help you with all your nutritional needs. She will work with you to determine the best plan to suit your health and nutrition goals and address any specific needs.

Supplementing Your Diet

Dr. Gough offers several high-quality supplement brands such as Vega, Metagenics, Xymogen® and Metabolic Maintenance for sale in the office at competitive rates. We’re able to custom order anything our patients need that we don’t regularly keep in stock.

Shop Supplements

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Weight Management and Nutrition Guidance for Sisters, Bend & Redmond, OR