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Sports and Active Care at Three Sisters Chiropractic

Woman running down roadWhether you like to bike Deschutes River Trail, work out at CrossFit Thrice or hike Green Lakes Trail, staying fit is likely one of your greatest passions. As a runner and cyclist, Dr. Angell gets it. He, too, wants to be at his best and feel great so he can continue to pursue his athletic interests.

You Don’t Have to Stop Doing What You Love

Maybe you’ve been told by a doctor that you need to take prescription medication for your pain or just need to stop participating in your favorite spot or activity. We know there’s a better way.

One of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care for athletes and active individuals is it can help to prevent injury. And if you do get injured, chiropractic can help you heal faster.

We are able to provide effective chiropractic to address pain in the following:

  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Low back
  • Knees
  • Shoulders

Through his care, athletes are able to continue to engage in their favorite sport without aggravating a complaint.

Dr. Angell believes that every chronic problem comes back to posture. Though some may have a genetic issue that’s affecting their posture, the vast majority of people have poor posture because they’re doing something wrong.

Why bother working on posture? “Posture is the dynamic thing that we have to continue to work on our entire lives,” said Dr. Angell.

Through our postural correction program, Dr. Angell will give a patient a series of exercises that he works with them on. Though he has hundreds of exercises at his disposal, he focuses on the ones that he believes will benefit his patients most.

He’s created many YouTube videos in the past to help facilitate those exercises.

Getting adjusted regularly can help us address those “slump spots.” Once your posture is where it should be, it’s important to maintain it. Otherwise, it will get worse again and you’ll have to go through the same process to correct. The good news is by getting regular maintenance adjustments, Dr. Angell can keep those spots from getting to the point where they’re not moving properly.

By coming in to Three Sisters Chiropractic once a month or once every couple of weeks, you can achieve long-term success.

Take That First Step Today

Contact our Sisters office to schedule a convenient appointment. We want to help you get back to being your active, happy self!

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